Raised floor import and installation

Raised floor – raised floor system, which allows you to lay all engineering networks in the space under the raised floor. Thus, the raised floor facilitates the laying of all electrical networks, water supply, and sewerage networks, telephone networks, and access control networks, video surveillance, alarm systems. The raised floor panels have a standard size of 600×600 millimeters, which allows you to raise one of the fragments at any time and gain access to communications in the right place.

Our company is a direct representative of the European factories of manufacturers of raised floors, which offer a warehouse program, thanks to which you can buy a raised floor with an accelerated delivery system to the object.

The raised floor can be used in such types of rooms as:

  • Office centers;
  • Server and data centers;
  • Technical facilities and logistics facilities;
  • Medical facilities, laboratories and special production workshops.

The advantages of raised floors in different situations will help to make the best choice for your task:

  1. Thanks to the prefabricated frame structure, the installation of the raised floor is very fast and does not require perfect leveling of the floor with bulk building mixtures.
  2. Quick access to communications under the raised floor during the construction phase will save time and money, and during operation will facilitate access to customer services.
  3. Thanks to the use of calcium sulfate slabs, the raised floor can be mounted in rooms with increased safety requirements. For example, the installation of a raised floor in a server room or data center is possible due to the antistatic coating and reinforced frame construction. The maximum load on the raised floor is the load at which the plate does not break, but bends by 3 mm, in the most durable configuration is 30 kN, which equals 3 tons.
  4. All raised floor slabs can have finish coatings depending on the purpose of the room: office carpet tiles, commercial linoleum, laminate, anti-slip ceramic granite and even parquet.
  5. The raised floor design allows you to disperse plates with hatches for connecting electrical equipment, telephony, and the Internet, as well as perforated plates for ventilation and air conditioning systems with the option of regulating the airflow.
  6. It is possible to order a raised floor with heating and cooling, heating pipes and a heat-conducting sheet are already integrated into such plates, so the engineering systems work in a complex creating their own favorable microclimate in the room.

Raised floor slabs are usually made of chipboard, calcium sulfate or metal.