Translucent structures, sliding walls and partitions

Sliding and stationary transparent partitions are now an integral part of any commercial construction project. Thanks to the rigid aluminum frame, such partitions are firmly fixed to the ceiling and the base of the floor, thus providing a strong and wear-resistant space zoning system.

Using such a system of office partitions, you can redevelop the office without dirty construction work and in a very short time. Transparent stationary partitions are used by all shopping centers for more productive use of space and visual appeal of shop windows and restaurants. Also, such partitions can be designed in logistics complexes, airports, customs terminals, detached buildings and other public facilities.

Types of partitions for offices and shopping centers:

  • Glass partitions with clear glass;
  • Glass partitions with frosted glass;
  • Glass partitions with a pattern;
  • Glass partitions made using a special technique (triplex, etc.)
  • Glass sliding partitions;
  • Wooden sliding walls;
  • Stationary partitions;
  • Mobile partitions.

If shop windows are equipped with glass partitions in shops and restaurants, then performing office repairs, the architect can allocate director’s office, meeting rooms, kitchen, waiting areas and workrooms with stationary partitions. In the same office space, mobile types of partitions and sliding walls can be used.

Glass partitions, at a relatively similar cost to capital walls, have several advantages such as the absence of the need to carry out dirty construction work, the comparative ease of installation, excellent sound insulation, and the ability to apply branding or advertising materials to the glass.

Our construction team performs the whole range of works on installing glass partitions and sliding walls independently, without involving contractors.