Construction works

Our company specializes in construction work for buildings and finishing work for commercial premises. We design and carry out construction work for offices, shops, bars and restaurants. Extensive experience in construction, our own design department and architectural bureau can significantly reduce the implementation time and project price for our customers by transferring the entire project to the general contract.

We will listen to your wishes, develop and coordinate with you:

  • Design project office;
  • Design project of a trading room (store);
  • Design project of a restaurant or bar;
  • We provide a project of engineering networks;
  • We will order and deliver all construction and finishing materials from local and foreign manufacturers;
  • We will carry out construction and finishing works of any complexity;
  • We will produce and install glass partitions at the facility;
  • We will offer and manufacture in our production office furniture or trade equipment;
  • We will do a general cleaning and hand over the object on time.

To better understand the process, you must first understand the concepts.

Building reconstruction

It involves a change in the originally conceived building construct, a change in the supporting structures, an extension or superstructure of additional structures. Also, a change in the functional purpose of a building often entails the need to develop a new design project and all design documentation.

Nowadays, very often this can be seen in the example of buildings in old factories and factories converted into office centers. I redeem or abandon abandoned buildings or rent them, with the help of construction companies they bring them into a serviceable condition, improve the territory and, changing their functional purpose, rent new offices, retail premises, entertainment complexes and premises for any other type of commercial activity.


This concept includes the repair of the building and its engineering complex. This type of work is carried out to increase the service life of the building or to maintain good operational properties of the room. Usually, when carrying out repairs, they also replace all new engineering networks with new ones. All this gives the premises a new look and greatly facilitates the operation of the intended purpose of the object.

High-quality overhauls are always done according to the design project with a clear understanding of the price, terms and materials that must be used in the work.

After the building is ready for operation, has an attractive appearance and good infrastructure, tenants will not take long to wait. Each of them will be able to choose a suitable footage of the room, carry out repair work there according to their own design project and call in a new office, new store, new restaurant or other purpose space.

Capital construction

This is a complete construction cycle of the facility, from excavation, construction and installation work on the installation of buried foundations, the construction of load-bearing and enclosing structures, and the installation and connection of utilities.

Our company specializes in the construction of car dealerships, small shopping centers, shops, office buildings, terminals and storage sections.

An example of one of our dealership construction works can be found below: