Architectural design

Architectural design

This is a large complex of works, which includes: outline design, design project, and working draft. They are designed to give a complete understanding to the customer and the contractor of the construction work about a particular building or premises. Development of working construction documentation will show what the approved object will look like, from what materials and how to build it, what area and how many floors it will take, what to be prepared for and what types of work it is necessary to prepare construction crews.

In the concept of architectural design, two directions can be distinguished.


This is part of the work, during which architects and designers draw visualizations of the future object, choose finishing materials and other building materials, select colors and types of floor coverings, and develop design drawings for furniture designs.

Part of the “DP” Design project dictates what type, color and shape of the object are in the final stages of construction work. The stage “DP” is followed by the stage “WP”. Working Project. In contrast to the design project, which indicates the shapes and colors, the working draft includes construction drawings, specifications of finishing materials, design drawings of furniture. Only after completion and coordination with the customer of the design project can we proceed to the preparation of engineering documentation.


A section that includes many sub-items and the work of a large number of specialized engineers who can simultaneously create for builders such sections of working documentation as:

  • ED (executive documentation);
  • ES (electrical solutions);
  • SCS (structured cabling systems);
  • ACS (control and access control systems);
  • CCTV (Aircraft);
  • AS (alarm systems);
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems);
  • PS (plumbing and sewage).

When both stages of the project design are ready and agreed upon, a professional estimate department of the general contractor can prepare a detailed estimate of the entire project.

Thus, the customer will be able to see how his project will look, how much it will cost, and also how much time will be spent on its implementation.