Voki Games

Design project and office repair "Voki Games" — 2 070 sq.m.

To move the office of Voki Games, we created a unique office design project, which the customer liked almost immediately. Decorative bricks and metal elements gave the office a style, and materials such as carpet tiles for the office, office furniture with soft elements and filling the office with plants (landscaping) gave an atmosphere of home comfort.

Keeping in line with the budget, we carried out construction work and created a new office for the company, which now looks exactly like the visualizations in the design project.

You can verify this by looking at the photos below:

2 070 sq.m.

Time to completion
4 months

Project scope

  • Design project development;
  • Development of a working draft;
  • Development of executive documentation;
  • The whole range of repair and finishing works inclusive with engineering systems;
  • Supply of materials.

Customer Information:

Voki Games – Ukrainian company with headquarters in Kiev. He is engaged in the development of mobile games for smartphones and tablets.