Repair of Silpo office - 8 805 sq.m.

One of the key areas of our business is the design and construction of offices "turnkey". When large companies decide to make a new office, very often it becomes almost impossible for them without the help of professionals. The construction staff of our company allows finishing works for offices with a metric area of more than 8,000 square meters and more. One of these customers was the company Fozzy-Food, for which we have done the entire complex of construction and finishing works in the office.

Photos of the project you can see below:

8 805 sq.m.

Time to completion
6 months

Project scope

  • Development of working project;
  • Supply of materials;
  • Repair and finishing works;
  • Development of as-built documentation.

Customer Information:

Fozzy Food LLC is a structural unit of the Fozzy Group, which develops the Silpo supermarket chain and the Le Silpo delicacy market. According to commercial indicators, the Silpo network is one of the largest national food supermarket chains.