International Company

Office repair for the FMCG company - 1 947 sq.m.

With offices in many capitals of the CIS countries, we provide our customers with convenient service in helping to open new offices throughout the CIS and Europe. So it happened this time, an international FMCG company turned to us with a request to create a new office for them with a European design in which employees would like to work for the result. This problem was easily feasible due to the large staff of architects who once penetrated into the problem and identified with the customer direction vector office design project.

Photos of the completed project and the quality of construction and finishing work in the office you can evaluate below:

1 947 sq.m.

Time to completion
3 months

Project scope

  • Development of planning decisions;
  • Creative interior design with an emphasis on environmental friendliness;
  • Development of a working draft;
  • A full range of repair and finishing work;
  • Supply of materials.

Customer Information:

The company is a Ukrainian company and is part of an international group of companies – the world’s largest manufacturer of chocolate products, cookies and sweets, as well as the second largest producer of chewing gum in the world.