Repair of the office of the company "CREATIVE STATES" — 1 562 sq.m.

Creating super creative spaces is always an exciting process. This process was the creation of locations for the CREATIVE STATES GULLIVER. Having received a bold design project, we started to adapt it and develop all sections of the engineering part, and when this work was done, the customer invited us to complete a full range of construction and finishing works.

Photos of the project you can see below:

1 562 sq.m.

Time to completion
2 months

Project scope

  • Development of a working draft according to the design project provided;
  • Development of executive documentation;
  • The whole range of engineering work;
  • A full range of repair and finishing work;
  • Supply of materials;
  • Supply of furniture.

Full video report below:

Customer Information:

CREATIVE STATES is one of the locations of the coworking network located on one of the last floors of the highest business center in Kyiv Gulliver.