Design project and renovation works of the Caparol office - 1 100 sq.m.

Returning to the topic of trust, we want to submit a project to another international company with a very tough selection of contractors in the construction of their office premises.

We completely designed the office, coordinated all the drawings and started repair and finishing works. Throughout the construction process, they picked up and coordinated the entire set of office furniture. How came the object you can see below:

1 100 sq.m.

Time to completion
3 months

Project scope

  • Space design;
  • Conducting a general contractor;
  • Full range of engineering works;
  • Supply of furniture.

Customer Information:

Caparol is a successful and dynamic brand owned by the German company DAW SE. Caparol systems bring the concept of construction and repair to a completely new level, providing high performance and aesthetic characteristics of coatings.