Office renovation and furniture production for the LEGO company - 530 sq.m.

The DENZA company unites specialists from various fields. This gives us the opportunity, without involving subcontractors, to independently perform high-quality various types of construction work. For example, for the office of the LEGO company in Kyiv, non-standard furniture was produced according to exclusive drawings.

But, the main task without which it was impossible to start renovating the premises was the need to adapt the design project developed by a foreign design studio. Having successfully coped with the task, we carried out the installation of engineering networks and completed the entire range of construction and finishing works, clearly guided by the style set in the design project.

You can verify this by looking at the photo of the project below:

530 sq.m.

Time to completion
2 months

Project scope

  • Design project adaptation;
  • The whole range of engineering works;
  • A full range of construction and installation work indoors;
  • Installation of Structured Cabling and Access Control Systems;
  • Furniture manufacturing and supply.

Customer Information:

Today LEGO is the company that has won the hearts of children around the world and is recognized as the most influential company in the world.
Ole Christiansen started making wooden toys in 1932 – and founded LEGO itself in 1934. The name comes from the Danish phrase “Leg Godt” – “Play Well”. The company is still privately owned – already in its third generation and currently has about 12,300 employees worldwide.

LEGO’s motto is: “Only the best is good enough.”