Creative States Coworking at Gulliver BC

Our company has many years of experience in the field of turnkey delivery of objects, thanks to recognition in the market of construction and finishing works for offices and commercial premises, as well as a large portfolio of completed projects, we had the opportunity to participate in the creation of a new ambitious coworking location for the Creative States customer in the Gulliver Business Center.

Creative States had a rather sophisticated design in its new office. Each meeting room was made by an individual author’s design, wallpapers made exclusively to order, designer products from decorative baguettes, exclusive interior items and so on. Complex lighting solutions were used to organize the lighting of rooms. All decorative lighting was developed by designers and ordered individually in order to create their own atmosphere personally for each zone. Coworking took 1652 square meters on the 29th floor of one of the best business centers in Kyiv and demanded such types of work as:

  • Development of a working draft, according to the design provided;
  • Development of executive documentation;
  • The whole range of engineering work;
  • A full range of repair and finishing work;
  • Supply of materials;
  • Supply of furniture.

For a comfortable stay in the coworking rooms, the ventilation and air conditioning system was specially designed and produced separately for each room. The central part of the location where the bar is located, the common working area and the venue for events has become a key area for the concentration of attention of builders, and elements added by the customer like a vintage guitar became a highlight in attracting future residents of Creative States.

All photos of coworking can be viewed here.